ain't ain't a word and i ain't gonna say it

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Find more similar words at! Moskowitz, B. 4. I remember not being allowed to use the word ain’t and if I did my mom would quickly correct my grammar. You jus’ stand there and don’t say nothing. 1 decade ago. You’re at zero on the care-o-meter, and there are no negative numbers on that scale. In my mind, she was doing me a favor  by correcting my grammar. 2 people chose this as the best definition of ain-t: The definition of ain't i... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Merriam-Webster Online: Main Entry: ain't Pronunciation: \ˈānt\ Etymology: contraction of are not Maybe the best-remembered “ain’t” was part of a misquote. 5. (Speech) essays are academic essays for citation. Why do Animals Appear in Children’s Literature? Lang, S. S. (2009, May 12). Now, look — I’ll give him the work tickets, but you ain’t gonna say a word. Ain't can mean "is not" as in "It ain't my fault she don't know how to please her man." The two words go against the rules of the English language. 172+3 sentence examples: 1. Someone wrote down the way some people with a thick southern drawl would say "isn't." At worst, it … It's in the dictionary, but does that mean it's OK to use? If a construction doesn’t really make sense, it’s probably not what you mean to convey. And then I ain't gonna say no more. Ain’t is a centuries-old contraction meaning am not, is not, are not, has not, or have not.The word has been derided by usage authorities throughout its history, and it’s still considered unacceptable in formal writing, but it has a secure place in spoken English. To say that "He ain't never gonna get there a-drivin' that-a-way," means both that he is never going to get there that way, and that he ain't ever gonna get there that-a-way. “Ain’t ain’t a word, and I ain’t gonna say it” Some of you may recognize this saying or something similar to it from growing up. Cornell Chronicle. (In a dialect that uses double-negatives to express negatives) and simplifies to: … Find more similar words at! Mr. King ended his Hawaii speech by quoting a prayer from a preacher who had once been a slave, and it’s an apt description of the idea of America today: “We ain’t what we ought to be; we ain’t what we gonna be, but, thank God, we ain’t what we was.” Definition of ain-t short form in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. It's not correct to use in formal writing, but it conveys a casual feeling and a cultural identity.|I say “ain’t” and yes it is incorrect English., A Semester of Reading, Thinking, Talking, and Learning, A Review of Wayne C. Booth’s “The Rhetoric of Fiction”, A Creative Experiment in Fictional Rhetoric: Midnight Conversation. The common bit of schoolyard wisdom that “ain’t ain’t in the dictionary, so ain’t ain’t a word” turns out to be untrue. Ooh, I'm cringing. I believe this is how "ain't" got started. slang contraction of is not, are not, am not, do not or does not. They were unable to teach children a detail of language before the child was ready. You ain't gotta lie to kick it, my nigga You ain't gotta lie, you ain't gotta lie You ain't gotta lie to kick it, my nigga You ain't gotta try so hard And the world don't respect you and the culture don't accept you But you think it's all love And the girls gon' neglect you once your parody is done Reputation can't protect you if you never had one 2. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage. Language and Communication: Are They the Same? Ain’t is a perfectly valid word, but today, ain’t is considered nonstandard. You ain't seen nothing yet. Now let’s imagine that someone tells you something that makes no difference to you. Actually, "ain't" is kind of an all purpose word -- both singular and plural -- and acts for any pronoun or subject: "I ain't ready yet. A. She ain’t pretty, or you ain’t allowed to do that. Don't use “ain't” unless it's part of a quotation, a joke, or a well-known saying. My teacher used to say "Ain't ain't a word and you ain't gonna say it". Today's topic is “ain't” and a few other troublesome contractions. I am just trying to figure out my place in this world and I hope being a teacher is one of those places. The example from page 620 uses the sentence “Nobody don’t like me.”. Copyright © 2020 Macmillan Publishing Group, LLC. Nobody don’t likes me.”. I wouldn’t say that “ain’t” is the gateway slang word, but that the issue of improper grammar is the result of a far more fundamental problem of people not bothering to learn and understand the language they use on a rational level, instead being content to rely on our human faculties of … If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Does conducting a speech require education? 27 Answers. I won’t be helping only one group of kids, I will be helping hundreds of children throughout my career. I have always wondered for which words is "ain't" a contraction? Rhetoric and Religion in Sojourner Truth's … “Ain’t” is a word. When teaching children a language, whether it be a first language or a second; it is ideal to teach children these skills before they hit puberty. While we’re on the subject of contractions, let’s take a look at what has happened to the constructions “would have,” “could have,” and “should have.” People have heard the perfectly correct “could’ve”—and heard it as “could of.”, There’s the helping verb “could,” but then if you spell it “could of,” it has no main verb to help. Ain’t is also influenced by aren’t, the contraction for are not recorded in the late 1600s. On my journey, I am making pit stops by trying my hand at student government (I’m the President of Student Senate) and music. Synonyms for ain't include aren't and are not. basically if they're hatin and they got a reason too you say "ain't i?" “I don’t think about my life in terms of numbers. “Don’t say Ain’t. (Speech) Ain't I a Woman? The word ain't has been used and understood long enough to be accepted by the standards of any dictionary, but has not because of sobbery. What’s happening? It's “could have.”. The child’s mother tries multiple times to get the child to say “Nobody likes me.”, finally the child “understands” what the mother is trying to explain and says “Oh! “Catch Phrases”-Do They Influence Our Language? Mine too! If you would like to listen to the audio, please use Google Chrome or Firefox. This podcast was written by Rob Reinalda, executive editor for Ragan Communications (word_czar on Twitter), and I'm Mignon Fogarty, the author of The Grammar Devotional. 6. I personally use the because I am from the south. It's a hard-and-fast rule. You may have been chided—or at least corrected—for using this slang contraction, but do you know how “ain't” came to be and when it’s OK to use it? “You would” or “you had” becomes “you’d.”  “You’d love this carrot cake, Bunny.” Or, “You’d better stand up now, Neil.”, “She is” or “she has” becomes “she’s.”  “She’s very happy for you, Joy.” Or, “She’s been walking all over you, Matt.”. Ain't ain't a word cuz ain't ain't in the dictionary!! Synonyms for ain't include aren't and are not. Ain’t is a contraction for am not, is not, are not, will not etc. Aired 12/1/09 . In business, scholarly, and other formal writings, omit “ain’t,” unless it’s used in direct quotation, and never go around saying it in general conversation unless it's part of a joke or well-known saying. @tchrist: If "NNS" means "non-native speaker", then I don't think it's a native vs. non-native thing, but rather a linguist vs. non-linguist thing. 3. Your Results Click the SHOW MY RESULTS button above to calculate your results. There is no three-word stage, as there are very few ternary semantic relations for the child to learn. Is ain't a word? Lv 6. Listen to the single "I Ain't Perfect". National Council of Teachers of English Past Resolutions. By allowing children to use their current level of internalized grammar as is, it helps them to develop their grammar skills. However, as it has still not been accepted into "proper" English like its counterparts won't and can't, few people see any problem with further "misuse" of the word. Every online dictionary that I’ve ever looked in contained an entry for ain’t. LOL. Ain't definition is - am not : are not : is not. used when someone talks shit about you and its true. Martin’s. Ain’t is recorded in the early 1700s, with amn’t found a century before. EX: They said they aren't going. Should they not say, “I am not”, also? "Ah'm a gonna go up ta Scooters and get me sum wings! Stream: The album "Beyond Bulletproof" is out 5/1! Hello everyone! I am really interested in Peace Corps and Habitats for Humanity. For years, teachers have warned against using the word ain’t, apparently with some success.Emily Hummell from Boston sent us a poem that may have contributed: “Don’t say ain’t / your mother will faint / your father will fall in a bucket of paint/ your sister will cry / your brother will sigh / the cat and dog will say … People write it. ain't was originally a contraction of "am not" or "are not," and should only be used in the first person. I remember not being allowed to use the word ain’t and if I … 2 0. 27 likes. To quote the famous opening lines of the first-ever talking picture, The Jazz Singer: “Wait a minute, wait a minute! Essays for Ain’t I a Woman? In elementary school, I had a friend who used to say, “Ain’t ain’t a word, so you ain’t s’posed to say it three times a day cuz it ain’t proper.”

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