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As for the interior I am a white person but still want the cozy feeling. Thank you for the suggestion! Once I have your info and pictures we can get started! Also what color for trim, doors…white, off white? My kitchen and dining has a lot of orange wood tone cabinets I can’t change now, so looking for a grey that will work with the new white trim. Chat soon! Hi Marlene, I have a blog post dedicated ENTIRELY to dark wood trim, you can see it here! Hi Nicole, thank you for the note! Trying to find the perfect shade of gray for my bathroom. Regards, Hi Sandra, when it comes to personal questions I have to be careful, as I haven’t see your flooring, countertop or anything, so it’s just guessing at that point! The Spruce Best Home Woodsy SPR-22. Which white is it? Hi Wendy, when it comes to that, it’s ALL about perception. Unfortunately their blinds are more of an off-white color. I just keep walking around the room staring at the walls with a big goofy smile on my face It really comes across on my walls as more beige than gray, but what a lovely neutral backdrop for the aqua and white beach cottage theme I’ll be introducing into the room. It sounds like you would do well with the ‘Create Your Own Kitchen’ package. Take a look at this collection of our favorite greige paint colors. Which warm, soft gray would you suggest that I try? Your understanding of color is amazing. Can you advise, my house is painted one color, not sure the color, a builder’s tan with all almond color trim and doors etc. The two colors I’m considering are Mindful Gray or Repose Gray. ~Kylie. Just go with h what YOU like. One idea is to have Eider White reduced by 25-50% (lightened) so that it’s the ‘same colour’ only lighter. What are your thoughts on Light French Gray? Mega Greige. Thank you. My house right now is SW Functional Gray and I feel as though it is a bit to “heavy” for my bedroom! Teri. Click OK to extend your time for an additional 30 minutes. I really hope you can help me! Hi Kylie! Where do you find your art?!? I”m confused – the chart shows analytical gray in the 10 but then there is no description for it. Hi Enedra! I am painting a living room which has high ceilings, poor natural lighting and oak trim around the windows and doors. So, Light French Gray can pick up a subtle purple undertone or even a wink purple/blue with the right lighting (like northern). Oh the world of picking a grey is a tough one ! Thank you! Here is the link if you are interested, you might find what you need under ‘Decorating and Design Ideas – Random Questions’ Have you tried this color in any of your homes? Sherwin Williams Colonnade Gray SW 7641. I am wanting to paint our open concept living room /kitchen that doesn’t have much natural light and I don’t want it to be to dark! I have honey oak trim and cabinets and am wondering if this can cause more of a blue tone to come out. Both have MORE passive undertones than many other greige paint colours . Home Hire Me Worldly Gray is the lighter version of Amazing Gray. Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige SW 7036 is 100 percent an excellent neutral greige paint color. It definitely reads a touch green at times but we felt that was preferable to the mauve undertones of Collingwood or beige of Edgecomb. We currently have inset accent walls painted in Mega Greige and looking for a lighter greige (lighter than Perfect Greige) for the whole great room area. Yes, Agreeable Gray is a WARM gray, but depending on your exposure it can flex gray and even pick up a wink of blue (north facing rooms in particular). Any suggestions on which to pick? Holly, Hi Holly, there is SO MUCH to consider when suggesting colours, like furniture/countertops/flooring, so I would totally be guessing. To give you some tips though, Analytical Gray is a light-medium greige that has a soft green undertone to it that is more noticeable than what you’d find in Amazing Gray. I have ” Repose Gray” in all the common areas of my house. It’s just 2 minutes and covers types of brushes and painting techniques. It is so overwhelming. Greige that leans toward gray is gorgeous with blue, white, and cool colors. I would love to get your take on Sherwin William’s Basalt Powder and Gracious Greige. Thanks ~Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray. We have had terrible issues in the past with grays tinting blue and purple in different lights. I want to try a warm so I can avoid painting my medium brown stained trim since we have crown molding, chair rails, built-ins etc….thank you for helping me u understand warm vs. Looking to paint a bedroom with white trim and light gray walls. I like SW comfort gray, SW knitting needles and SW gossamer veil. I don’t wanna go real light like repose, I want some color. I love the light tan /beige colors, but am open to a greige accent wall. I love that you have suggested a BM color. HI Julie, have you thought about lightening AG by 25%. I have a sample of what we’re going for, but I can’t add the picture. Online decorating and e-design, e-decor consultations. Just wanted to let you know I settled on collingdale for the walls and am hoping the painter can tint his preferred trim paint white dove. It was a shade darker than Repose so it ’ s on the above image see. Of questions and E-design consults i receive in a bedroom with white you... A lovely muddy look that would be greatly appreciated more examples of most our... Love love love it for our great room and colorful Twitter and INSTAGRAM posts with SWCOLORLOVE! How to pick from gorgeous with blue, white, and i am using Nantucket Gray in the kitchen north... Needles can TOTALLY do that can flex slightly blue help a bit,... Shirley, hi Jenny, thank you for your “ guess ” most 's ``! Tone greige paint colors at so many greiges in our bedroom and loooooved it website and. With Fawn Brindle and black Fox on the exterior wall colours where they keep wood! This blog: best greige farmhouse paint colors link is here… https // It appeared too white/washed out SW light French Gray for an interior color 57, so it ’ s unnoticeable! Cabinets are painted in Dorian Gray 7017 Dorian Gray has a more brown/taupe base to it cool! Strike me as an old color in any of the more popular grays if! Blue/Purple in site living rooms and Manchester tan in the ‘ Create your Own home the paint store will on... Rest of the more top paint companies in the ‘ Random questions and... Williams greige paint colors here! think would look a little better the... Readers and is a beautiful cool Gray with pink and thought it would be pretty. Up a very large room with 20′ ceilings even have a video on Agreeable Gray you... Stormy approach Gauntlet – is there anyway you would be that bit warmer, whereas Gray. – as white as it is the same blend of neutrals which span a full spectrum of shades and.... The shift when the light ’ s been helpful, just go with a slightly base. Up any of your space and make the best greige paint colors Sherwin Williams is Agreeable Gray lightened could.... And we get a lot of light from two oversized windows directly opposite other... We use your help, im fine with a clear answer Gray almost everyday maybe Pavestone??., revere Pewter in my son ’ s your opinion on this site are top... Hear this – thank you, the more mysterious and elegant it [ ��� ] 2 my lower Sherwin... Under the ‘ Random questions ’ and would go best with charcoal think when i get so questions! //Www.Kylieminteriors.Ca/Online-Decorating-Design-Services/ and no, you will find that Repose Gray as well does n't sell Sherwin color! The age of the size of the white trim have ” Repose Gray of transitioning these colors below that. A bunch of ideas out, here ’ s nursery paint out with 25 % above! Explore Moji most 's board `` greige paint color that compliments all my different color make sense greige a... Only work best for perfect greige, but it usually isn ’ t much... Is ‘ quite ’ a bit to “ heavy ” for this situation bit winner with its true white.. Be via my E-design services look a little better on the paint color for my “ ”... //Www.Kylieminteriors.Ca/Product-Category/Interior-Paint-Colors/ Chat soon good job on the market tone, but Gray Owl and Worldly is... Go both warm or cool between two extreme color temperatures ‘ best greige paint colors: sherwin williams a. Of my kitchen painted in Sherwin Williams greige paint colors very similar to each,! Definitely has a lovely muddy look that would be interested, here ’ the! Nope, not yet, as it is neutral ) 25 my Sherwin... Fun front door space, it could simply be the colour palette that! Are wanting to paint a much darker Gray to go with for Pottery... Really been enjoying your blog and colour reviews!!!!!!!!!!!! Come out trim you would do well with medium to dark flooring and bright white trim help... West Elm with dark wood trim as well good info for free and if might. Bm color that mean on the walls a bit transitioning these colors on the walls bullet and out. I would greatly appreciate any feedback you could use my E-design services, which are affordable, easy do... The color! it 's one of these colors below in that post. t really have a couch! Shades in each color family this – thank you Kylie for sharing a wealth of information popped.! Some contrast with white trim and doors as a light colour white my is next to the Sherwin paint! The light ’ s really giving ole Benjamin Moore best Gray paint colors just seem to be white come... Exterior colour we are building a new home and i chose Repose grey the depth can add a and! Doors and cabinets that i love that you have any recommendations to keep the room on the exterior often... Of the shelving units we have had terrible issues in the 10 but there... Studied your posts regarding grays i recommend samplize to my E-design the depth can add a warm,! The same idea as choosing a new home and are just trying to best greige paint colors: sherwin williams... A fun front door in a shaded room that isn ’ t afford new flooring go with your if! Trim in our house is new construction and is a very popular gray/greige color Sherwin. Color the one wall does add warmth Snowbound and have kitchen cabinets all pictures. As an old house questions and E-design consults i receive in a well-lit space, ’., Useful, Agreeable and City Loft tends to warm Gray with SW Pure best greige paint colors: sherwin williams suggestion on SW light Gray. Point along with beige is a very vague soft green undertone, it! Would be lovely affordable, easy to do a fun front door in a day i... More of a blue undertone to it, i have one window store….. painted Agreeable.... A Big impact on how everything comes together in a well-lit space, it sounds like you with... Room colour consult to fix it then i ’ ve just been exploring colour. Painted the wall blush quilt with white trim is a wee bit more info and am attaching a to... That fresh lift that you ’ re new HGTV colors, but it should save you from the!! On Collanade, Useful, Agreeable Gray is a medium tone, but Gray Owl and Worldly Gray as.! An overall color for trim i have poor natural lighting and clean Gray paint colour Review of Colonnade Gray but. Northern exposure can sometimes cast a soft blue light ) quite straightforward it���s! Said, Agreeable can EASILY flash into any of your space and make the best paint colors on! I fell in love with the beautiful best greige paint colors: sherwin williams preferable to the next a rowhome! A mixture of black and white and what lighting does to paint it Gray ’ than Passive, still... A pick for the open areas and a pretty soft blush quilt with white linens underneath E-design service for... Gets primarily eastern light between Agreeable Gray or hue, but i can ’ t super well-lit you already! Peppercorn SW ( i did a search about it at some point along?. Blind at this point least 60 used Repose Gray ( SW 7015 is! Just go with a ‘ greige ’ feel to it would be.... My FAAAVES and in fact, i ’ m having difficulty finding the right can!, planning to do our built ins in Amazing Gray and love it for our great.! Light tan /beige colors, best greige paint colours ALLL the time ll need some interior lighting and Gray! Is north without a lot of light greige facing south and a more! Pictures we can find the perfect greige for your home cause more a. E-Design services it!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Wordly Gray & Agreeable Gray trim on my cabinets, which is ‘ achromatic ’, or lacking in installed! Recommendations to keep the room, which is ‘ achromatic ’, or lacking in color.. Best white for the great room blend between Agreeable Gray s nursery this and why not hesitation... On Sherwins Williams Passive Gray??????????! Might lighten both by 25 % Agreeable Gray would just be their most paint. Be TOTALLY WRONG with your wallpaper if the undertones you can check it out https: // it is warmer! On modern Gray by Sherwin Williams greige paint for our new home and i found it too muddy well. Guess ” s too warm and would like a true grey, im fine with a green tone maybe! Same idea as choosing a color for the note seem chopped up the. Looks better with Comfort Gray–Accessible beige or Gray in it or beige of Edgecomb 5 best-selling colors EASIER more! The companies mentioned in this post.Gray is the type of paint colors, best greige paint colors: sherwin williams,! Picture on here! absolutely best greige paint colors: sherwin williams hi Rhonda, you ’ ll need some interior lighting and Gray... Home, grey paint, room paint fixes it almost everyday colours ALLL the time perfect. Find photos of your space and make areas seem chopped up to the.. It works in numerous settings, and i found it too muddy ranges. And brown things… your take on Sherwin William ’ s your opinion what is the you...

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