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Here is where you will upload TEXTUAL ANALYSIS files as well as provide a link to the documentation that you will be writing in your Gdocs account. Moreover, the writer’s use of the word ‘autumn’ suggests a temperate climate, inviting the reader to be soothed by the unfolding scene. Why this particular word? I hope you are doing well now! To analyz… The speech also seeks for international attention from other foreign sectors because of its universal topic. This paper assignment requires you to examine the arguments and presentation by one of the three authors from this unit (Peter Canby, Van Jones, and David Owen). The first step of analysing any quote is simply to. Obama achieves these purposes by using a range of devices that are discussed on the following content. The order of the verbs represents the three phases of being subjugated. The speech was made and broadcasted live on the tenth of September, 2014, which is one day before the thirteenth anniversary of September 11 attack, and therefore the main motive of the text resonates with the anti-terrorism theme of the memorials and tributes. These hateful labels help to provoke the terror among the audiences, which further explains to the public why does the government insist on carrying out the air strikes against ISIL even though it promised to withdraw most of the troops from the Middle East. Our Analysis Bootcamp for IB English course teaches analytical skills and how to tackle IB English Paper 1. When briefing the outcomes of the air strikes, president Obama uses the perfect present tense “have…protected” to show the attacks’ long lasting positive effect, both regionally and internationally, which pacifies the audiences’ growing terror by showing them the achievements on the frontline. The Read more…, This guide will explain IB English Paper 2 and what you need to ace the exam come May or November, when the IB Gods throw you this (seemingly) insurmountable task. If you understand this statement, then you will understand the whole of IB English. So you have a quote that you want to analyse. Textual analysis is a way for researchers to gather information about how other human beings make sense of the world. Thank you very much. President Obama states the widespread fear the extreme Islamic group has stirred recently to imply the potential threats the United States might be facing in the future, which is targeted to alert the audiences the presence of terrorism and prepare them for the potential danger. The author personifies the wind in combination with the autumn birds, which serves as a symbol. The use of the adjectives “strength and resolve” is an example of glittering generalities, which means it uses fancy words that have little or no real meaning. All of these aspects fall under language, so we must analyse all of them. Thesis Statement (Textual Analysis) Mini-Lesson . Example 2. English is an art form. Usually, a specific word is chosen to create a meaning and an effect that in turn achieve the writer’s purpose. Does anyone have an example of a high scoring Textual Analysis for Film HL? The IB English courses are unique from other IB classes in that they don't have a very rigid curriculum with exact topics to cover. Start studying Stylistic Devices for IB English Language and Literature. If you don’t know all Read more…, Sample SL commentary 1 (17/20) (6983 downloads), Planning template for IB Lang Lit (4677 downloads), Planning template for IB Literature (4479 downloads), Complete Guide on How to Analyze for IB English HL & SL, Best commentary structure for IB English Paper 1, IB English: Essential Literary Techniques, In Just 5 Steps: How to Get a 7 in IB English, How to answer Paper 1 guiding questions for IB English Literature SL and Lang Lit SL, Part 1: How to Prepare for IB English Paper 2. I am a student in a dual international business and modern languages program and an aspiring ESL teacher. Thank you so so so much. Focusing on the domestic impact would make the audiences feel more relatable and see their roles in fighting against terrorism. Obviously, you can’t write essays without reading and analysing your texts. And therefore these disturbing facts will leave a permanent mark in audiences brain, which facilitates the author to call up them to join the movement of antiterrorism. This is a very useful post! Considering the speech was made one day before the thirteenth anniversary of the 911 attack, these sensitive labels will lead the audiences to recall their devastating memories of that day, which enhances the great consequences circumstances if the nation fails to eliminate terrorism. Furthermore, the use of ‘wound’ once more conveys the movement of the wind, with the repetition of ‘every’ alluding to the jovial and playful nature of the wind. The effect of using “it” suggests that the nature of ISIL is cruel, primitive and savage , which gives the audiences the impression of a group of barbarians who aim to destroy other cultures. You are presented with an extract or the entirety of a piece of writing, be it Example 3. It uses name-calling technique to attach negative labels to the ISIL group, for example, addressing it as a “radical group” and “terrorist organization”. I have been flopping in Literature all my life but this has really helped. In other words, a writer always writes for a reason. Concretely, steps 4 and 5 of the five-step formula are these: Here is the final diagram that summarises the five-step formula of literary analysis for IB English. This text is the script of president Obama’s national speech on the ISIL group, which he addresses as “a terrorist threat” in the text. “specific language choices”: We are intensely interested in the specific wording, literary techniques, punctuation, and grammar used by the writer of a given text. President Obama uses “we” and “us” to address America and American citizens, which enhances that the government and the citizens are facing the same situation. We’ll add it back in after the next section. Hence, the job of the IB English student, or the AP English student, or any student of literature for that matter, is to probe into the mind of the writer and justify why this specific word or that specific technique helps to achieve the writer’s own purpose / message. Example of how to use the 5 W Method to unpack a text and how to structure a commentary for IB Literature Paper 1 HL. “They” also shows that the group is isolated from the mainstream, which uses the bandwagon effect to gain the audiences’ support to eliminate terrorism. Question paper: Textual Analysis. Overall, considering the political background of the text, president Obama applies a range of propagandistic techniques to deliver his purposes and manipulate the public’s attitude towards counterterrorism. A text can be a piece of writing, such as a book, an email, or a transcribedconversation. Text Analysis Papers. For example, don’t just say that “The writer uses technique X” and move on. Steps 4 and 5 are often very similar. In order to understand how to go about the writing, you need to grasp the textual analysis definition first. In English Paper 1, the thematic route to analyzing requires you to ask the question: “Alright so what’s this text about? Before you can try to Read more…, What exactly do I need to know about my texts to rock the IB English Paper 2 exam? You must go further in analysis, by addressing the two key questions: “how”: Is it being used to construct an idea or create an emotional effect, or both at the same time? Let’s break it down. To avoid repeating yourself, just combine steps 4 and 5 in the same sentence. The personification of the dancing wind and autumn birds conveys the movement of death throughout the forest. So you have a quote that you want to analyse. I can refer some students who are having such a hard time with this. The text also exploits the public’s fear of terrorism to achieve its purposes. In this detailed guide, I explain the easiest, five-step approach to writing strong IB English analysis. The language choice of ” it wound its way ” may create an unpleasant feeling in the reader’s mind if it had not been preceded by the word “autumn”. Here is a diagram to summarise what your understanding of analysis should look like at this very moment.

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